Rodrigo + Trisha | Ann Arbor, MI


Authored by Kaitlyn

I had the honor of photographing their sweet engagement and celebratory wedding. There is one thing I’m sure of— together, they create the perfect harmony. Quiet Trisha dimples appear as she belly laughs in the presence of Rod’s silliness. And Rod becomes a little softer with twinkling eyes that light up when she is around. I have been witnessing their love since I was a little girl and their story is one that I believe reminds everyone of the true meaning of union. I cannot wait to see what the future has in store for my big brother and sweet sister-in-law.

When I was in fourth grade, my family was introduced to Rodrigo. He came into our home, changed our hearts and in turn, our lives. Rod lived with us for a year as he went through the exchange program to live and study in Michigan at a school with my brothers. Little did we know, he would be a part of our family forever. During his stay, he met Trisha- the most gentle and kind soul one could be. Through their individual paths, in multiple different countries, and on separate continents, they have become resilient and more sure of the special bond they share. Fifteen years of pure, undivided love later, they wed.

Kaitlyn Bowman