Extensions of The Collective

Together, great things are in store.

Many people will tell you that you have to pick just one thing to focus on. For a while, I tried to implement what they were telling me. I made separate instagrams, websites, facebook accounts, business cards, etc. But this also meant that I was dividing up pieces of myself, trying to keep them separate, when the reality is that my life and my passions are interwoven. One does not exist without the other. I am humbled by the constant support I have received by these humans and their ability to encourage me to stay true to exactly who I am, not asking me to alter myself to fit “the norm”. I truly believe their passions are more than worthy of being shared with the world of Wandering Souls. Instead of diving, I choose to multiply. With more incredible humans on board the Collective, we are expanding our hearts, services, and boarders to better nourish your whole self.




Certified Yoga Instructor | 200 Hr RYT.

Runs on herbs, fruits, and vegetables.

Hugs trees and sings to the Earth.

Dances in the rain and mud.

Scorpio sun and rising.

Craves knowledge.

Meditation nut.

Reflects and morphs in any environment.



Intuitive Energy Healer & Tarot Reader.

Wild Rise Apothecary Artisan.

Certified Yoga Instructor | RYT 200.

Advanced Reiki Attuned | Soul Tarot Alumni.

Part Queen of Wands, Part Queen of Cups.

Harvesting beauty and joy in the world.

Lives in a field of Sunflowers.

Sings to her plants.

Peter Pan heart.



YouTube/blog Curator.

Therapeutic Yoga Instructor | RYT-200

Reiki I & II Attuned.

Capricorn, Pisces, Scorpio.

Nature is thy medicine & muse.

Sees sacred qualities in every being.

Will always choose to be barefoot.

Fluent in positive affirmations.

Here to reflect the love & light in you.



YouTube Curator.

RYT-200 in Therapeutic based yoga.

Masters of Science in Yoga Therapy.

Mom of Dragon (the chi-weenie).

Endurance Athlete.

Book worm.

World Traveler.

Sunshine person.



Retail Artisan.

Gemini [really though].

Shark enthusiast.

Loves traveling.

Craves intellectual conversation.

Kindness seeker.

Crystal Collector.




Retail Artisan.

Frolics through wildflowers.

Avid intention setter.

Cherry Picker.

Novice Calligrapher.

Rooted with love in Northern Michigan.

Enjoys up-cycling [find her at a Goodwill near you].



YouTube/blog Curator.

Certified Yoga Instructor | 200 Hr RYT.

Riki 1 + 11 Attuned.

Abundant in love + energy.

Student of life.

Inspired by passionate people.

Baked-goods maker [+ eater].




Crazy, no seriously, CRAZY for plants.

Nurturer by nature.

Enjoys the view above the clouds.

Obsessive thrifter [probably doing it now].

French fry connoisseur.

Craves meaningful connection.


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