a collaboration of light perceiving light

Merely a reflection.



your presence is honored here.


To inspire and nurture minds, bodies, and spirits, through reflectional imagery, harmony of breath and body, and tangible tools for healing.


Meet Kait


Professionally Educated Photographer.

Certified Yoga Instructor | 200 Hr RYT.


Adores traveling + exploring new territory.

Flourishes with a kind companion.

Sees light in everything.

Snorts while laughing.

Hoards gemstones.

Jill of all trades.

Brightening the world one big smile at a time!


The Roots of the Collective

When I was a senior, we lost the home I grew up in and I’ve been on my own ever since. Hence, I like to think of myself as a nomad. I live by the motto *home is where I am*. The past has proven difficult for me as I lost touch with my heart, my soul, and therefore my “home” more times than I’d like to admit. I had no idea who I was or even what I liked to do when I was by myself. The love + light that I cherished so deeply and gave so freely, started to dim. When I realized that the love I had for myself only came from sharing it with others, I was lost. As I sat in the silence, I noted where my mind would go. My thoughts kept escaping to some made up adventure—I saw myself hiking through canyons, doing yoga on a deserted beach, backpacking the Pacific Crest— collecting stones along each journey. I told myself I’d learn to be happy + content IF I could just leave this life to run away to be alone. I kept searching for answers while cramming my schedule as my way of keeping distracted from the chaos inside. But being busy isn’t all it seems. I kept going just to uphold the status of being responsible, driven, strong, etc. It’s no wonder why I needed to get away so badly— I was holding onto these ideals to prove to others, therefore proving it to myself, that I could juggle it all + still be OK. But when I was most vulnerable, when I was alone with just me, that gunk I had been avoiding for so many years came up. I slowly started to rebuild. I nurtured my feelings + learned how lovely it is to be intentionally still within, allowing my mind, body + soul to heal and lead me back home- rebuilt with a stronger foundation. What came about is a pure reflection of myself. My compass pointing in all directions, but my Wandering Soul free + doing what it adores. Photography is my biggest passion + career focus, but my continuous desire to share yoga + curate crystals are also worthy of attention. Hence, Wandering Soul Collective LLC- A collection of three ambitions that drive me + enable me to continue to travel, connect, and inspire. All while bringing my dream to fruition + persevering in growth.


I couldn’t make this dream into a reality without really awesome humans by my side.

Learn more about the awesome extensions of The Collective who help fuel my heart + soul here