Jennifer, Derek + Meekah | Holland, MI


Authored by Kaitlyn

I am honored to call Jen my longest friend. We have had well over our fair share of belly laughs, and endured incredibly difficult times together, too. For most of our childhood years, we were inseparable. No joke, connected at the hip— so much that our teachers mixed us up. We did almost everything together: piano lessons, basketball, tennis, volleyball, band, pranks, (our secret first kisses even happened on the same night) + much more. As much as we loved each other, we acted like sisters and bickered like them too. With that, brought tons of competition and rival colleges in our future. As we got older, we started crossing paths with hardship. We know each other’s deepest fears and darkest moments. We’ve drifted because of where our lives have taken us but will always be connected by our very special bond. This past year, someone new came into her life who she now shares an even more important bond with— her partner in life. Derek is kind, patient, light-hearted, and sweet. He attains all the qualities to care for her in the deepest way. Although I knew the day would come that someone else would dry her tears, and walk through life side by side with her, I couldn’t have asked for a better person to protect her and help her shine.

Kaitlyn Bowman