A Call from the Jungle

If the whisper of the leaves in the trees speaks the language of your heart,

And the crash of the waves syncs your mind and breath,

If the core of your essence - the natural cycles of our universe -

are asking you to rise to the occasion of your most free being,

We invite you to step into the jungle.

Are the same patterns of self-sabotage getting in your way?

When you imagine your Self worth, does your mind get muddy?

Are you ready to step into the power of truly being your first priority?

The Wandering Collective is honored to hold space for a week-long retreat

at the edge of the jungle and Caribbean Sea in Costa Rica.

Guided by Mother Earth, we will explore our truest nature and how to surrender to our unique calling using the tools of yoga.

In loving awareness, we will gather to release what does not align with our deepest potential.


Our sacred space to plant new seeds.

The Goddess Garden | Cahuita, Costa Rica


We are calling to you if you are…

seeking community and deep connection.

a soul willing to endure the entirety of nature.

thirsty for transformation and willing to release harmful patterns and habits.

*no prior yoga experience is necessary*


The Roadmap


Day 1 | October 21

Our Intention: Expand out of the comfort zone.

Activities: Fly into San José, Costa Rica

Day 2 | October 22

Our Intention: Awaken the senses

Activities: Travel and settle into the jungle

Day 3 | October 23

Our Intention: Cultivate Alignment

Activities: Mandala making, exploring chakras with crystals

Day 4 | October 24

Our Intention: Root down

Activities: Drum circle, nature walk

Day 5 | October 25

Our Intention: Rise up; become buoyant

Activities: Mala making, beachside yoga

Day 6 | October 26

Our Intention: Expand; shine

Activities: New Moon Ceremony

Day 7 | October 27

Our Intention: Center the heart

Activities: Tour of Cahuita National Park

Day 8 | October 28

Our Intention: Digest

Activities: Walking meditation along the beach

Day 9 | October 29

Our Intention: Detoxify

Activities: Surfing or paddle boarding

Day 10 | October 30

Our Intentions: Fly

Activities: Journey home



What’s Included

A bunk at Alajuela Backpackers on Oct. 21

Shuttle to and from the airport & Goddess Garden

Yoga, meditation, and philosophy days 3-9

3 vegetarian meals daily *vegan/chicken/seafood upon request*

Crystal beads to make malas

National forest eco-tour

Surfing or kayaking excursion

E-Book filled with inspiration and information!


What’s Not Included


Spa packages

Additional excursions

Food outside of The Goddess Garden

Additional lodging and travel fees after the retreat




Starting at $1,800

Jungle Dorm - Shared (6 singles) | $1,800 per person

Bamboo - Double (2 queens) | $2,100 per person

Gardenia - Private (1 queen) | $2,300 per person

$350 non-refundable deposit for reservation

Payment plans available upon request


The Facilitators

Kaitlyn Bowman & Lindsay Chestnut

Since we first made acquaintance, we have been helping one another on our spiritual journeys.

It is our deepest intention to be a guiding light for souls like us

who continue to weigh themselves down with fear and judgement,

so we may all have access to the freedom of

experiencing the intuitive wisdom within all beings.


Why Cahuita, Costa Rica in October?

Costa Rica surrendered their army in 1949 to reallocate the defense budget to education and healthcare. This fundamental shift has resonated throughout the land and social scenes, bringing an essence of curiosity, and healing acceptance.

Costa Rica and, more locally speaking, The Goddess Garden are role models for sustainable living.

All food offered at The Goddess Garden is locally and organically grown, as well as prepared with Ayurvedic intentions to instigate well-being from the inside out.

Cahuita’s unique landscape of the wild jungle at the ocean’s edge holds space for transformation that can only occur when we arrive at the edge of two polarities. That is why this area of Costa Rica is home to the most dense population of howler monkeys (the loudest mammal for their size) and the sloth (the slowest mammal on Earth).

October is also within the dry season, so ocean temperatures range from 72 to 82 degrees Fahrenheit, and insect populations are lower than other times of year.




Schedule your flight to arrive on October 21 in San Jose, Costa Rica (SJO).

We will book a private shuttle for you from the airport to Alajuela Backpackers Hostel.

The following morning, a private shuttle will take us from the hostel to the retreat location.


You are welcome to take a private shuttle with us to the San Jose airport at 5 am Oct. 30.

To leave time for traffic, schedule your flight for anytime after 6 pm on October 30.

You are responsible for your lodging if you need a place to rest your head before your flight back home.


Travel Requirements

Passport and proof of departure are required to enter the country.

Acquire your passport as soon as possible. Pictures or printed copies of your passport and flight info are helpful when technology fails.

For the most up-to-date information on the country’s vaccination requirements, visit the site at this link.


Questions? Comments? Concerns?

When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.
— Lao Tzu